Mughal Road

Mughal Road
Mughal Road
  • Visiting Season: Summer, Spring, Autumn
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Mughal Road is the road between Bafliaz, a town in the Poonch district, to Shopian district in the Kashmir valley. The road is 84km long, and situated in the Jammu and Kashmir. It passes over Peer Panjal Mountain range, at altitude of 11,500 ft (3505 m), that is higher than Banihal pass (2832 m).


The road brings the Poonch and Rajouri districts closer to Srinagar in Kashmir valley, and reduces the distance between Shopian and Poonch from 588km to 126km. It makes for alternate road route to Kashmir valley from rest of Country, other than over-crowded Jammu-Srinagar Highway through Jawahar Tunnel (Banihal Tunnel) (National Highway 1A). The road passes through Bafliaz, Behramgalla, Chandimarh,Poshana, Chattapani, Peer Ki Gali, Aliabad, Zaznar, Dubjan, Heerpora and Shopian.

The road was historically used by Moghul emperors to travel and conquer Kashmir during the sixteenth century. It was the route used by Akbar the Great to conquer Kashmir in 1586, and his son Emperor Jahangir died while returning from Kashmir on this road near Rajouri.


1) Peer-Ki-Gali: Peer Ki Gali is an amazing place on old Mughal road in Jammu & Kashmir State. This place is the highest passes on Srinagar Rajouri historic Mughal Road at 11300 Feets. Various water streams can seen flowing through snow covered peaks of Peer-Ki-Gali hills. Cool freeze, freshening environment and roaming clouds all over makes this place wonderful. After talking to various folks at Peer ki Gali, we got to know that almost every day it rains on these hills. We spent two days around it and we also experienced rain showers both the days.

2)Noori Chamb: An ancient water fall

3) Aliabad Sarai

4) Sukh Sarai

5) Ancient trace-cut of Mughal Road still in existence